Tips for BIO's External Web editors
use Firefox (the external web editor does not work well in Internet Explorer)
2 (if you are also an External web editor, this will give you access to your research group pages as well as your personal page)


HTML tip: using the Enter key gives a double space, IF you wish a single space use Shift + Enter
setting in a sub-title on the home page


the external web pages are your research groups “face” to the external world – what impression does it give?

• target groups for Norwegian / English pages?
• what information do people come to your pages looking for?
• what do you want to tell your target groups about yourselves?
• what information on your pages should be “static / dynamic”?
• what research questions do you address?
• what courses do you have? masters oppgaver?
• how often should you / can you update your pages? (årshul?)
• who should be responsible for content? updating? overview?

External web: general help from FORM



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